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Chafer SSV

Self Propelled Sprayer

The Chafer SSV has a 3000L spray tank and is capable of spraying 12, 20 and 24 metres. It has 39 inch ground clearance, ideal for desiccating OSR. It has twin spray lines, one which can be fitted with either liquid fertiliser jets or normal spray jets. The second line has triplex nozzles, with variable pressure nozzles enabling us to spray between 8 and 12 kph. It also has foam markers which mark out fields with out tramlines or help when spraying stubble or cultivated land.

Spray Nozzles Fitted On Sprayer

The red cap is fitted with an Amistar flat fan nozzle, specifically designed for use with fungicides at T3 at a rate of 100L/ha. They have a three star rating for Lerap at 1.5 bar.


The black caps are fitted with Teejet air induction spray tips. These tips produce large air filled droplets through the use of a venturi air aspirator (visiflo). This nozzle is excellent for spraying pre-emerge & soil incorporated herbicides, and liquid fertiliser at low pressure.

The yellow caps are fitted with Lurmark flat fan nozzles.They are variable pressure (VP 05) and used for most herbicide applications at 200L/ha.


This spray nozzle is one of the options for the single spray line. It is fitted with Hawk flat fan nozzles. It is a variable pressure nozzle (VP 03) andis mainly used for small target grass weeds.

This is the second option for the single spray line and it is a liquid fertiliser nozzle.

This a picture of one of a foam marker fitted on the sprayer, working in the yard. As you can see a blob is formed on the ground indicating where in the field has been sprayed when working without tramlines.


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